Monday, July 9, 2012

Business Model

  • We are Business, Life and Health Consultants working on a Home based system in direct partnership with our partner company.
  • Our Business Model is very simple. It's divided in 2 areas, Main and Advanced, with different income plans.
  • The Main Area is the one where we all start and the job scope is , as a consultant to supply Consultancy services at the Nutritional Habits Re-education area. Our Job is, therefore to re-educate our clients on a Nutritional Habits level. As support we promote the Nutritional Solutions offered by our associated company. From all the purchases done by our clients to our partner company, as a result of our consultancy work, we will get paid commissions. This is our Main area of Income.
  • The Advanced Area comes in a second stage, when we will start training other junior consultants to work with us as our team partners. And, from all the business volume created to the partner company by our team partners, we will get paid also commissions and Royalties. This is our Advanced income area.

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